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Vision Youth Parent Workshop – August 29 2020

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What you need to know about going back to school when schools re-open in September

o York Region District School Board Trustee Ron Lynn

How to cope with the COVID=19 pandemic mentally and physically

o Project PROTECH’s Dr. Kenneth Fung, cultural psychiatrist, Clinical Director of the Asian Initiatives in Mental Health (AIM) at Toronto Western Hospital, and associate professor with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto

Are you ready for the paradigm shift in e-learning? Tips for adjusting for parents and students

o Ming Lee from STEM Tutoring Online Academy

Date: Saturday August 29, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Location: Online Event, pre-event registration is required

Language: English

Fee: Free

For inquiries, please email info@visionyouth.ca or call 416-800-4040




  • 如何預備九月的全面復課?
  • 约克區教育委員Ron Lynn 林勁浩
  • 在疫情中如何保持身心健康?
  • 保泰社區抗疫行動(PROTECH)-Dr.KennethFung馮溥倫醫生-多倫多西區醫院精神病學專科醫生及亞裔心理健康臨床部主管,多倫多大學精神病學系副教授。
  • 網上學習: “電子學習的模式轉變,您準備好了嗎?”-在這學年為即將到來的電子學習、你作好備了嗎?父母和學生需要做出什麼樣的調整?在本研討會中,我們將為您提供指導
  • STEM Tutoring Online Academy (李天銘)


時間:東岸時間下午2:00 –下午3:30


語言: 英語