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新冠肺炎在過去幾個月中大大地改變了我們的生活模式 及帶出了工作和學習的新常態。有見及此, 「展望青年領袖計劃」由六月起開始舉辦每月一次的網上家長研討會。我們邀請不同的專業單位去提供專業的適應方法,為家長與同學們對疫情帶來的新常態作好準備。

• 如何應對種族歧視事件
o 「加拿大華人社會公義平權會」將分享在疫症流行期間如何處理種族歧視的問題。
• 聯邦政府給與本地及國際學生的支助
o 國會議員伍鳳儀的辦公室會告訴您聯邦政府有什麼計劃來支助受疫情影響的學生。
• 網上學習
o 「 點點火®️教育遊戲」dotdotfire.com 的成員將提供方法去幫助學生在家中從遊戲中學習STEM (科學,科技,工程及數學) 。「 點點火®️教育遊戲」成功地大大提升了同學們對學習的興趣。
時間:東部時間下午2:00 –下午3:30
語言 : 英語


Vision Youth Parent Workshop – July 25 2020
Covid-19 changes our lives drastically in past few months. In this coming session, Vision Youth Leadership Program have invited different parties to talk about how these changes affect our different aspects of lives and what we can do to cope with these changes.
o How to react in a Racial Discrimination situation
o Chinese Canadian National Council for social justice will share how to deal with racial discrimination during the pandemic.
o Federal Government support for local and international students affect by the COVID-19
o Office of the Honorable Mary Ng, MP
o Remote Learning –
o Members from DotDotFire.com will offer solutions to assist students learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) at home. The company is very successful in motivating students to learn the subjects with using games as the media.
Date: July 25, 2020 (Sat)
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
Location: Online Event, pre-event registration is required
Language: English
Fee: Free
For registration, please visit
For inquiries, please email info@visionyouth.ca or call 416-800-4040