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Vision Youth Annual Gala 2020

The Vision Gala 2020 event showcases the accomplishments of our outstanding Visioneers.

About this Event

The graduation ceremony celebrates more than 50 teenagers between the ages of 14 to 18.

In the past eight months, our Visioneers have undergone rigorous outdoor hiking and camping activities, practiced at Toastmasters’ and taken leadership initiatives in Community Service Projects. As a result, they acquired personal skills, expanded perspectives, and increased their participation in serving the community.

Our program is crafted in a way that enables our youth to cultivate leadership skills at a young age. This helps develop a pool of young, skilled visionary leaders for future generations.

The Vision Youth Leadership Program was founded in 2001. As a result of the leadership program over the last 18 years, over 1000 alumni have become influential leaders.

Our program is a grassroots initiative developed from our community and for our community. Our programs are not government funded but rather supported by generous partners and individuals in our community.

Please support and consider joining us at the Vision Gala 2020 and help support our initiative; it really does make a difference.

Visioneers remember their mentors and truly appreciate your support.